Easy-to-use handheld screener for patients of all ages
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    MADSEN Alpha OAE
    The engaging video and full color touch screen reduces fidgeting and squirming during hearing screening
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    OAE screening with a CAR It's just more FUN!
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    MADSEN Alpha OAE

    Compact screener for patients of all ages

The touch-screen interface on the MADSEN Alpha OAE and Alpha OAE+ from Otometrics, makes these handheld hearing screeners insightful and easy-to-use. A built-in probe check cavity ensures testing accuracy by allowing the screener to check the probe in an instant. The Child Mode includes a video designed to engage the child’s attention during the test. 

The MADSEN Alpha OAE is DPOAE only. It includes a single protocol and a predefined pass/refer criteria that will produce results in seconds. 

The MADSEN Alpha OAE+ offers six protocols - including a mix of automatic stopping criteria and complete frequency range tests. It comes with a docking station for charging and includes a Print-to-PDF feature. An optional label printer is available for both models.