Pehratek XM-5000 

Wireless VRA system for automated screening and testing of children’s hearing
The XM-5000 Video Reinforcement Audiometry (VRA) system grabs children’s attention with an ever-changing background of bright colors, animated toy figures movements and sounds.

Complete control over stimulus options

You have complete control over multiple stimulus options such as sound, movement, LED patterns and backlight. And you can easily change stimulus parameters with the hand-held wireless remote control.

Lots of options and integration possibilities

The XM-5000 can be operated wired or wireless with a remote control that works for up to four separate reinforcer boxes.

Each plexiglass box is compact with only a 5" depth and can be mounted on the wall, with dual arm mounting brackets or corner mounting.

Optional centering boxes are available to reorient the child's attention during the test. It is fully integrated with the MADSEN Astera² clinical audiometer.

  • XM-5000
    Pehratek XM-5000