Pehratek VDS-2000

Low profile, stylish speaker cabinet for video VRA
The VDS-2000 is designed to be used with the Wireless Video VRA pediatric testing system. The speakers and built-in Video VRA monitor mount in the corners of your sound booth to save space and direct the child’s attention to the right place during the testing.

Professional and effective

The VDS-2000 gives your clinic a clean, professional appearance, and it is highly functional:
  • Panel can be tilted side-to-side or up/down to aim it in the direction of the child’s attention 
  • Integrated design assures proper alignment between the visual reinforcement and the sound field speaker 
  • Speaker consoles are available in black or white and have removable front grill covers for easy cleaning 
  • Meets ANSI standards for audiometric testing 
  •  All cords concealed to make the booth childproof for all ages
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