Oscilla SM950

Diagnostic Memory Audiometer with Bone Conduction

Diagnostic audiometer with bone conduction and memory feature

Oscilla® SM950 is a diagnostic memory audiometer with bone conduction. The audiometer provides the operator with manual and automatic testing opportunities and the integrated memory feature enables the operator to store measurements in the device memory.

The device can be operated manually as a stand-alone audiometer or by PC via the AudioConsole software.

SM950 also features a serial port for connection to an external printer.

USB-connection for PC-based audiometry

The SM950 can be connected to a PC via USB. Oscilla® AudioConsole software enables the operator to conduct on-screen audiometry, review, compare and store patient data on the computer. The report generator and data export feature in AudioConsole also makes it easy to create customized PDF reports and export data to other patient journaling systems.

For maximum flexibility in operation, SM950 also supports our Dual Control technology which allows the operator to switch between manual and PC-based operation interchangeably.

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