MADSEN OTOflex 100

Comprehensive and flexible immittance device

Stand-alone or complete PC solution

You can use MADSEN OTOflex from Otometrics, as a stand-alone middle-ear diagnostics solutions or as part of the complete OTOSuite software PC solution, which allows you to transition seamlessly from video otoscopy, to audiometry, clinical OAEs, tympaometry, PMM and beyond. It integrates into OTOsuite for professional reports and integration into electronic medical record or electronic health record (EMR or EHR) systems. NOAH compatible.

Immitance testing to meet your needs: 2 options available

The MADSEN OTOflex 100 from Otometrics, is a portable, comprehensive diagnostic tympanometer that will adapt to your working environment, patient population and needs. It features tympanometry, wireless Bluetooth data transmission, reflex screening/threshold/decay and ETF – all in a single; compact and highly flexible unit. It includes 10000 Hz probe tone and broadband noise reflex stimuli for testing.. 

The MADSEN OTOflex 100 from Otometrics offers flexible tympanometry and reflex screening. All patients can be tested with the Quick-check. The MADSEN OTOflex 100 Quick-check is the only screening tympanometer that can be controlled by a computer, which means the Quick-check results EMR-ready.

Comparison  OTOflex 100 Quick-check  OTOflex 100 
Test  Screening  Diagnostic 
Probe tones  226,1000 Hz  226, 1000 Hz
Tympanometry  Auto  Auto & manual
Reflex screening  Yes  Yes
Reflex threshold  No  Yes
Reflex decay  No  Yes
ETF test for intact tympanic membrane  No  Yes
ETF test for perforated tympanic membrane
 No  Yes
  • Immittance
    MADSEN OTOflex