MADSEN Capella²

The new gold standard in OAE testing


Whether you’re a novice user of clinical OAE or a clinician with the most comprehensive of demands, innovative features in MADSEN Capella² from Otometrics, will help you work as confidently and efficiently as possible.

Because it’s part of the OTOsuite software platform, you can access all the features in MADSEN Capella² from the integrated control panel, and it’s easy to use.¨ 

For example, you can select your preferred test and measurement settings with just a few clicks. And tasks like swapping ear data and comparing results with normative values are both simple and reliable. 

MADSEN Capella² also includes more advanced features like PrecisePoints™, a powerful yet simple-to-use tool designed with researchers in mind, and Optimized In Situ Calibration.

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    MADSEN Capella²