MADSEN Astera² 

2-channel PC-based audiometer including a dedicated tinnitus module
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    The most preferred clinical audiometer in the US

MADSEN Astera2 from Otometrics, is a full-featured, easy-to-use and future-safe hearing assessment solution. Whatever your work preferences or clinic set-up, you’ll feel comfortable using MADSEN Astera2. What’s more, with software upgrades throughout the lifetime of your equipment, it’s a future-safe solution.

Your clinic, your way of working

You can operate the MADSEN Astera2 through the familiar user interface of the Audiometer Control Panel or make a smooth transition to the PC keyboard or mouse.

Groundbreaking new assessment tools

Special modules in the MADSEN Astera2 help you deliver more specialized care to your patients. The optional pediatric module’s large, easy-to-view interface makes it easier to work with childs, and the tinnitus assessment module sets new standards for tinnitus care. 

Easy integration for seamless workflow

MADSEN Astera2 works perfectly as an independent solution, but it’s also designed to be the core of a unique, integrated and modular clinical set-up.

Stand-alone or complete PC solution

The OTOsuite software connects MADSEN Astera2 to a complete PC solution that allow you to transition seamlessly from video otoscopy, to audiometry,  clinical OAEs, tympanometry, PMM and beyond.