AURICAL HIT - a new approach to hearing instrument testing

AURICAL HIT from Otometrics, is a Hearing Instrument Test (HIT) chamber with a small footprint and a strong feature set that’s portable and easy to use.

Small footprint, portable and convenient

The innovative vertical design takes up less space than other products. What’s more, the OnePosition concept means you can quickly and easily place the hearing instrument inside the test chamber without having to reposition it further for directionality or induction coil measurements.

Strong feature set

AURICAL HIT allows you to do intuitive Coupler Based Fitting with RECD’s, preprogramming, and pre-fitting without the client’s presence. It also features test chamber measurements according to IEC and ANSI test standards.

Operate independently or as part of a complete fitting system

AURICAL HIT can operate independently or as part of the complete AURICAL fitting system. You can also connect it to the AURICAL Aud or directly to your computer running the OTOsuite integrated software, which brings it all together supporting the entire fitting process.