AURICAL FreeFit - Four unique PMM elements in one easy-to-use unit

AURICAL FreeFit from Otometrics, gives you four unique Probe Microphone Measurements (PMM) elements: Dynamic REM, Speech Mapping, FitAssist tools and FreeStyle.

The combination enables you to fit with true precision the first time, demonstrate the real difference between different hearing aids to the client and work with newfound freedom and efficiency.
  • Fit with true precision the first time: verify fittings – with or without prescriptive targets
  • Show clients the real difference between different hearing aids: demonstrate benefits, such as noise reduction and directionality 
  • Work freely and efficiently: Use default settings or tailor them according to your preferences and local standards and protocols 

Automated verification makes hearing aid fitting faster and easier

Aurical makes it faster and easier to incorporate hearing aid verification as a standard process in your clinic.

Tight integration between Aurical and hearing instrument fitting software allows you to verify fittings automatically from within ReSound Aventa® using AutoRem and Phonak Target™ using TargetMatch. 

Aurical works in the background during the entire fitting process, delivering measurement data to the hearing instrument manufacturer fitting software so it can adjust the hearing instruments automatically and make an automated fit to a prescriptive target directly. Hearing instrument programming and verification in one user interface. Verification doesn’t get much easier than that.

New ProbeTube Assistant™ for easier probe tube placement

A new assistant in AURICAL® guides you with onscreen instructions to the correct position of the probe tube. Add the ProbeTube Assistant to your existing AURICAL with the latest OTOsuite® and a license key. Learn more


AURICAL FreeFit is part of the complete AURICAL Fitting system. The integrated OTOsuite software brings it all together supporting the entire fitting process.

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