AURICAL Aud - The world's only true                   fitting audiometer

AURICAL Aud from Otometrics is the world's only true fitting audiometer.

It integrates an audiometer, counseling tools, power amplifier, USB hub and optional built-in HI-PRO 2 in a modern, ultra-compact design that fits on the AURICAL speaker, or can be mounted on the wall or under your table. It's a complete portable diagnostic audiometer that offers outstanding flexibility. it is designed to fit into all kinds of environments, inside your clinic or out. NOAH compatible. 
    AURICAL Aud is part of the complete AURICAL Fitting system. The integrated OTOsuite software brings it all together supporting the entire fitting process.

    • AURICAL-Aud-Fitting-audiometer
      AURICAL Aud
      True fitting audiometer now available with the latest version of OTOsuite
      Download OTOsuite 4.75