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Otometrics First with FDA-Cleared VEMP Testing Protocols

Clinicians can now assess the entire peripheral vestibular system with the Otometrics balance solution portfolio

Audiology Systems is proud to deliver the latest vestibular innovation to you. The ICS EP200 with VEMP is the only product to have received FDA clearance for use in the United States. It took a team of dedicated experts, including Otometrics staff and research partners, more than 5 years to secure 510(k) clearance. The key component of our EP solution is the ICS EMG Monitor. Research supports the use of the EMG monitors in VEMP testing. The ICS EMG Monitor provides instant visual feedback to the patient and greatly improves test accuracy while decreasing time to diagnosis. The FDA has deemed the EP200 with VEMP to be the only device safe and reliable for VEMP testing. The addition of proper VEMP testing makes Audiology Systems the only company to provide diagnostic equipment covering the entire peripheral vestibular system (vHIT, VNG, EP, VEMP). This entire journey is indicative of our commitment to vestibular caregivers and their patients.

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Complete Test of the Vestibular Peripheral System

With Head Impulse and Vestibular Evoked Myogenic Potentials, you can test all 5 vestibular end organs for each ear: anterior, posterior, lateral semicircular canals, saccule and utricle.

Complete your test by assessing lateral, anterior and posterior semicircular canals in less than 20 minutes

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