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Hearing Care Integration Software

Each instrument from Otometrics offers unique benefits as a standalone solution. It’s when you choose to integrate multiple instruments that the benefits really begin to multiply. The OTOsuite software connects it all, allowing you to transition seamlessly from video otoscopy, to audiometry, diagnostic OAE, tympanometry, PMM and beyond.

The software is intuitive, easy to learn and easy to use. Simple user test functionality ensures a configurable and consistent workflow. OTOsuite can be customized to suit individual needs or it can standardize protocols across larger organizations.

Print any number of customized reports and send the results to Noah or your Electronic Medical Records (EMR) through OTObase® or AudBase. Simplicity is an OTOsuite design hallmark. The intuitive user interface makes it fast to learn and easy to use. 

Even more, it can be customized to suit the way you work. Discover the convenience of:

• Easy-to-use User Test functionality
• Customizable protocols and test sequences
• A short learning curve due to consistent look and feel
• Unprecedented scalability so you can add more modules when you need them
• Noah and EMR compatibility
• Extensive library for report templates
• Easy-to-share User Tests and reports – ideal for a multi-site environment

Reports Your Way with OTOsuite Reports

With the NEW OTOsuite Reports feature and the latest version of our OTObase patient management solution, you will be able to import reports from any PC-based equipment. This also provides capabilities for customizing a single page reports from several devices.

New! OTOsuite 4.82 - Fill in the form to test!

Stronger OTOsuite interface and great new product enhancements. Now supporting Windows 10, the new OTOsuite 4.82 brings a stronger platform for Otometrics hearing assessment and fitting solutions, and a new mid-level audiometer Otometrics Madsen A450.

Fill in the form to test drive OTOsuite in the cloud.

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OTOsuite 4.82 release note

OTOsuite Compatible Solutions

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        MADSEN Astera2 audiometer


           MADSEN Itera || audiometer


    MADSEN Xeta screening audiometer


        MADSEN Zodiac tympanometer


        AURICAL Aud fitting audiometer


                  AURICAL Freefit PMM


      MADSEN Capella2 diagnostic OAE


       MADSEN OTOflex tympanometer


                        AURICAL HIT


     MADSEN OTOcam video otoscope


      OTObase EMR-ready connectivity


              Madsen A450 audiometer