PC-based Audiometers:

Bridging the gap between the past and the future

Do you remember what it was like to plan a road trip in the “old days”? The days before the Internet, computers, smart phones and GPS? You needed maps, plus lots of time to study them and plot your course. And if you got lost, you had to ask strangers for directions. Those were the days.

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New and improved, yet familiar

Our technologically-advanced MADSEN Astera2 audiometer feels familiar in terms of the intuitive layout. It boasts new, enhanced functionality and customized user interfaces in order to optimize individual workflow in your clinic.


For instance, you can operate the instrument with the audiometer control panel (ACP) that resembles the unit you may have been trained on. There is also a mouse and keyboard option, as well as a and SunshineTM control panel which has been optimized for touchscreen use. Or, you can combine operations in any way that works for you. It’s all about flexibility and improved work flow.

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Customizable and integrated 

Your style of patient care is as unique as your signature. In a way, your audiometer settings are a reflection of your approach. Having to change them each time another clinician has used the audiometer can be frustrating, as well as an inefficient use of time. 

It’s an age-old problem in the clinic. OTOsuite software, combined with the MADSEN Astera2, resolve this problem for you and your staff.

Each audiologist in your practice can set their own preferences. At the beginning of each patient session, they can access those settings with the push of a single button. No more down time between audiologists and no need to compromise your practice preferences. Additionally, each audiologist can set up test protocols for special situations, like early child intervention, school-aged children or adults. It’s another time-saver - just access your preset protocol and get started. Audiology Systems’ support staff are on standby, ready to help configure your system.

Another benefit of OTOsuite is its ability to integrate with other instruments like video otoscopy, OAEs, immittance and hearing instrument verification. The result is a streamlined and seamless workflow. Never again will you have to re- enter that audiogram to verify hearing instruments.

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Dramatically advanced functionality

Our pediatric module, tinnitus module and LIPreadTM functions are major advances in audiometry. They’re all newly available via your ever-evolving OTOsuite software program.

When paired with an in-booth touchscreen, the new Sunshine Panel is especially useful when working with children, particularly when an assistant is unavailable. Simply swivel the touchscreen so the child cannot see it, and conduct the specialized and complete audiometric test battery on the spot. The touchscreen is easy to use, with large buttons and simple navigation. This set-up reduces distractions and allows you to more actively engage the child while conducting the tests. It saves time and lowers stress levels - for both audiologist and patient.

Accurately assessing tinnitus is a challenge made easier with OTOsuite software. You can access the most relevant psychoacoustical tests such as pitch and loudness matching, minimum masking level (MML) and residual inhibition (RI). Additionally, the most commonly used tinnitus questionnaires are incorporated, as is a separate tinnitus report module. The tinnitus application has been designed to provide audiologists with a comprehensive overview of tinnitus characteristics.

A recent addition to our Astera2 audiometer, our LIPread speech test is designed to enhance the audiologist’s ability to estimate real-world listening skills and to predict potential benefit from amplification and/or cochlear implantation. This function, along with the many others our Astera2 offers, contributes to an overall improved patient experience and enhanced test data, while saving you time and streamlining your workflow.

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Ongoing education and support 

Every audiologist’s educational needs are different. Modern technology has allowed for flexible and accessible education and training as you transition to PC-based audiometry.

You may decide to take a self-guided approach and work your way through our very intuitive and easy-to-learn products on your own - many audiologists do. Or you may decide you want personalized tutorials for you and your staff. Audiology Systems representatives are available to customize education and training. Any time you need additional support and training, Audiology Systems’ expert audiology team is just a phone call away and ready to walk you through any questions you have. We also offer a rich and interactive online library of helpful videos, articles and more.

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The future is paperless

PC-based audiometry ushers in the paperless clinic - and just in time. With the ongoing shift to electronic medical health records (EMR /EHR), PC-based audiometry allows you to establish an integrated approach to multiple database systems. 

That same seamless database management capability allows you to import and export data between multiple databases, in various file formats. OTOsuite makes viewing and sharing audiograms and other test results easier, reducing manual errors.
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PC-based audiology is the future

Fast forward: throw the map away. You can download turn-by-turn directions from multiple map websites, program your destination into your GPS system or ask your smartphone to redirect you when you get lost. It’s a whole new interconnected world - faster and smarter. There’s practically no excuse for getting lost on your way to your destination.

And now, with our advanced PC-based audiometry options and Audiology Systems as your partner, there’s practically no excuse for getting lost while transitioning to a fully-integrated audiology clinic. Switching to PC-based audiometry can seem overwhelming sometimes - just like planning a road trip used to be. Audiology Systems is ready to answer all your questions...and more. Our team works with you to ensure your transition to a modern practice is as smooth as possible.

Our sales representatives consult with you to learn your practice goals. Our team of audiologists works with you and your staff to customize settings to match your ideal workflow. Our technology support team ensures your integration needs are met - from data sharing to EMR or NOAH integration. Our approach is designed to deliver on our promise: take customer care to a whole new level.

PC-based audiology is clearly more than a trend. It’s the cornerstone of the modern clinic. Although transitions can be stressful, Audiology Systems will be with you every step of the way, making sure your course is well-charted and that you never get lost as you integrate PC-based audiology into your clinic.

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