The Modern Clinic: 

Technology and innovation will improve your workflow

It’s wireless and practically paperless. It’s PC-based and completely integrated. It’s flexible and customizable. It will make your life easier, improve patient care and give your business a competitive advantage. From combined reporting to remote technical support, there are a lot of exciting possibilities. It’s everything you want and need data backup to be. It all starts with innovative software and leading-edge instrumentation designed with the flexibility to start small and grow with your needs.

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The modern clinic is integrated 

Integration is more than the wireless connection between one stand-alone unit and a printer. In fact, it can seamlessly move you from one test modality to the next. 

  • Integrated reporting. With an intuitive, easy-to-learn software suite, integrated reporting becomes a reality that promises less paper work so you can spend more time with your patient. Everything you need is available from a single point of entry on your PC: otoscopy, immittance, audiometry, OAE, counseling tools, fitting and verification, as well as hearing instrumentation testing. The days of handwritten audiograms and taped tympanograms are fast becoming a thing of the past.
  • EMR/EHR compatibility. With an intuitive, easy-to-learn software suite, integrated reporting becomes a reality that promises less paper work so you can spend more time with your patient. Everything you need is available from a single point of entry on your PC: software solutions that are compatible with office management software - making your audiology test results available on any PC within the EMR/EHR network. 
  • NOAH compatibility. Here’s another time-saver: all components in the modern clinic are NOAH compatible as a result of integration software. So there’s no need to reenter data as you move between the audiometer, hearing instrumentation and verification software.
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The modern clinic adapts to your needs

The advanced instrumentation of the modern clinic is designed to improve workflow so you can focus on the patient rather than the technology. The fully-integrated modern clinic improves patient care in many ways.
  • Integrated hearing aid fitting systems: Because the modern clinic is modular and wireless, you will experience a whole new level of flexibility when working with your patients. Your clinic can be designed to meet your needs, with as small a footprint as you want and without wires slowing you down as you work with a patient. Because our hearing assessment and fitting components are modular and can operate as stand-alone units, you purchase only what you need. Adding components down the line is as easy as installing a software upgrade to integrate it into your system.
  • PC-based audiometry: Today's most advanced audiometer enables you to work with precision and flexibility. It allows you to perform everyday routine tasks and provides test modalities for more advanced assessment. More innovative instrumentation supports the flexibility to operate the equipment the traditional way using a control panel or via a touch screen located inside the sound booth. The ability to view results directly from the touch screen allows you to counsel and build rapport with your patient. Counseling becomes more meaningful and persuasive when supported by our powerful simulation tools for speech mapping and hearing loss.
  • Video head impulse testing (vHIT): Introduction of the world’s first vHIT device dramatically improves care and comfort for dizzy patients. It revolutionizes the testing process and reduces overall testing time to 10 minutes, from patient entry to reporting. Additionally, patient comfort is improved significantly by the system’s goggles, which are the lightest in the industry. They feature sophisticated cameras, with smaller velocity head impulses of only 15 to 20 degrees, which result in a more pleasant testing experience for the patient. The revolutionary vHIT system also enables the testing of children, bed-ridden patients or any patient for whom caloric testing is not an option.
  • Digital ear scanning: With the introduction of a non-invasive, cloud-based 3D ear scanning, a truly revolutionary development and a game- changer for the modern clinic has arrived. Poised to replace the practice of creating silicone impressions, 3D ear scanning allows you to scan the full ear, store the data and place orders at your convenience. It is comfortable for you and your patient.

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Creating and maintaining your modern clinic

Building a modern clinic is a journey and, like most successful journeys, it is helpful to have a guide. That’s where Audiology Systems’ consultative account representatives step in. 
Think of our team as your personal guide through the process of building an efficient and productive practice that will fuel the growth of your business for years to come. As a first step, your account representative will ask questions about your goals and then begin to bring you up to speed on the many benefits of the modern clinic.
  • Consultation: Building a clinic that fits YOUR needs. Transitioning from a traditional set-up to high-tech integration can be an intimidating task, so purchasing the right new equipment is just the beginning of our consultative partnership. Audiology Systems’ approach is designed to provide you with the support, information and direction you need to clarify your vision and bring it to life. Our comprehensive training and ongoing support guarantee that you will be well prepared when transitioning from your current set up to your modern clinic.
  • Equipment care: Maintaining software-based solutions. The modern clinic will allow you to future-proof your business by making it very easy to upgrade existing equipment and add new equipment to your system. And it’s all because of our easy-to-use integrated software. For example, as hardware features and functions are introduced - like our LipRead™ and pediatric modules for audiometry - you simply need to upgrade your software to access them, thus eliminating the need to upgrade your hardware. It’s quicker, easier and more cost-efficient. Although occasionally these upgrades may require the purchase of a license, most of them are provided at no additional charge.
  • Customer care: Onsite and online support for your equipment and your staff. The modern clinic needs modern technical support so we offer two ways of support: traditional on-site and more immediate remote technical assistance. Our audiology and tech-support teams can log into your system to trouble-shoot and fix problems remotely. That means less down time with key equipment which keeps your clinic running more efficiently. For issues that need on-site attention, our well-trained, professional service team is just a phone call away.

A modern clinic that will allow you to better serve your patients, save you time and money and set a solid course for the future is within your grasp. Our consultative account representatives will ensure you receive the latest software upgrades, guaranteeing your clinic offers the best patient care possible. So the hardware you buy today will be just as modern in 5 years. Your local representative is expertly-trained in every aspect of planning and outfitting your modern clinic. From strategic space design to smart equipment selection through installation, your local Audiology Systems team will be with you every step of the way.

With Audiology Systems as your partner, the future is now.

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