Hearing Screening:

Special attention for your littlest patients

Hearing loss is an invisible condition. The incidence of hearing loss is approximately 1-3 children per 1000 at the time of birth. By school age, that number increases to 6-7 children per 1000. It’s reported that pediatric hearing screening during the early childhood years increases the likelihood that children lost to follow-up, along with children presenting with post- neonatal hearing loss, will receive the timely diagnostic and intervention services needed during the critical learning years. We are committed to providing you with an exceptional level of care that extends to your youngest patients: infants and children. Our product and training solutions are diverse, advanced and comprehensive. Starting with OAE screening, moving to newborn hearing screening and diagnostics and finishing with school nurse hearing screenings, we offer the best products for all your needs.

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Otoacoustic emissions 

Otoacoustic emissions, or OAE, is the starting point to better hearing health. As a choice for hearing screening, OAE provides pediatricians with objective information about cochlear function. Frequently, hearing screening can be a challenge for both the child and the screener.

To address that challenge, Audiology Systems developed a new concept in objective hearing screening. The new MADSEN Alpha helps reduce fidgeting and squirming during the hearing test. Once the probe is placed in the ear, just a single touch starts the test. That single touch also starts an entertaining cartoon to keep the child engaged and quiet during the test. The cartoon creates a friendly, relaxed testing environment. Cartoons and touch screens make hearing screening fun for the child, and fast for the tester.

Your Audiology Systems consultant will work with you, side by side, on product training and electronic data management options. They will also be a resource for how OAE medicine can be an additional revenue stream for your practice.

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Newborn hearing screening

The advanced instrumentation of the modern clinic is designed to improve workflow so you can focus on the patient rather than the technology. The fully-integrated modern clinic improves patient care in many ways.
MADSEN AccuScreen's color display, with vibrant icons and intuitive navigation, allows you to focus on the infant instead of the technology. Fast and easy 2-step OAE and/or ABR testing, combined in a single hand-held device, will significantly improve workflow and test time.

Acculink software is a standard accessory with AccuScreen. With Acculink it is possible to link to HiTrack & OZ-Systems. For those screening programs that don’t run one of the mentioned systems, it is possible to export data to an XML file and import it into local data management systems.

Audiology Systems offers a variety of newborn screening solutions. As your partner in newborn hearing screening needs, we have insight into how you can realize significant savings on a cost-effective disposable program.

Newborn hearing screening has never been this easy.
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School nurse hearing screening

Today's screening audiometers range from easy-to-use desk top device to ultra-portable battery-operated solutions to meet the needs of school nurses.

Desk top audiometers feature easy touch push-button hearing screening, with battery-operated features that enables 100% location independence. Audiometers with built-in printer capabilities allow the tester to print test results after the hearing test. 

Audiology Systems offers multiple screening audiometer solutions. Clinicians who want to send hearing test results electronically will appreciate all the Oscilla USB-310 screening audiometer offers for their hearing screening program needs. You can run a hearing screening test with little more than a Windows® tablet and head set. 

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