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RoomTune™: What is it and why it important?

This paper examines an area that is not currently covered by sound field conditioning standards – demonstration of hearing instruments using sound libraries from fitting modules, and how room size can influence the signal spectrum played from a loudspeaker. In this connection and this paper also explains how RoomTune™  a new feature in the OTOsuite® fitting software for AURICAL® – acted as a sound card in AURICAL Aud and can improve the accuracy of the measured signal for a more reliable and consistent sound for the fitting modules.
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How can AURICAL streamline your fitting workflow?

Does AURICAL support pediatric fitting? 

AURICAL and OTOsuite are very intuitive, and have flexible user test designs with predefined measurement sequences that allow you to customize your coupler-based fitting process. We include the latest versions of NAL-N12 and DSL 5, and give you the option of adding your own protocol to the test library. 

For the real ear portion of the process, AURICAL FreeFit™ enabled you to measure RECD simultaneously for both ears. In addition you will start the measurement of the ear response without having to be close the computer – simply just press a button on the wireless FreeFit and start the measurement. Simple thing like this ability to copy a measured RECD to the opposite ear, or easy application of previously measured RECDs to a current session can mean huge time savings..

Can AURICAL be used to fit wireless hearing instruments? Are there any other fitting tools that can help professionals improve their fitting success?

AURICAL HIT was made for wireless hearing instruments and is compatible with wireless programming interfaces. There is also an optional Ear-2-Ear verification kit for instruments with this feature, so that you can ensure you are delivering the maximum benefit with your wireless hearing instrument fittings. There are numerous additional tools to make important fitting tasks easier to perform. Among others, On Target™ provides a simplified view of just how close your fitting is to matching prescriptive target. The User Tests and Sequencing feature makes it easy to simply reuse your favorite test flows and execute them quickly and consistently!

In our recent interview with AudiologyOnline, Mona Dworsack-Dodge, Au,D, and Wendy Switalski, Au,D, discuss how the latest AURICAL release can streamline the hearing aid fitting and verification process.
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  • Recipes for verification success, Part 2 - By Tammara Stender, AuD, and Astrid Haastrup, MA., ReSound. Published in Hearing Review, March 2013.
  • Recipes for verification success, Part 1 - By Tammara Stender, AuD, and Astrid Haastrup, MA., ReSound, MA. Published in Hearing Review, March 2012.