Product Testimonials

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Balance Assessment

ICS Impulse

"ICS Impulse® provides information on peripheral vestibular function that could not previously be obtained." Brandon Lichtman, AuD
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ICS Impulse

"ICS Impulse® provides a more complete understanding of an individual's balance capacity." Jim Cinberg, MD, FACS
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Hearing Assessment

MADSEN Astera2

 "PC-Based Audiometry with MADSEN® Astera2 and OTOsuite® provides amazing flexibility."  Dr. Cory Surridge
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MADSEN Astera2 with OTOsuite

 "Software integration in the clinic, like you see with OTOsuite® and MADSEN® Astera2, is a clear example of the impact technology has made in our professionRanda Mansour-Shousher, AuD

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                                             Fitting Systems

AURICAL FreeFit with PMM

 "The AURICAL® FreeFit with PMM is one of our most used pieces of equipment. We utilize it for everyone hearing instrument patient." Dr. Robin Maxon
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 "One word that describes how AURICAL® has helped me in the office and with my efficiency is STREAMLINED." Kathleen Ulrich, AuD
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                                        Hearing Screening


"The entertainment value of the cartoon car reduced fidgeting and squirming while conducting our tests." Melanie Harris, AuD
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